Decor Leader was established in 2014 to meet the needs of a growing market – that of edgebanding.

From this precious heritage from the past, we decided to set a roadmap for the future.

We specialise in the creation of edgebanding decorated with digital prints, a key factor in our production. Product quality and a detail-orientated focus mean we can create invisible edgebanding for furniture, panels, work tops, frames and much, much more. The bases are made using plastic materials already available in our industry, including ABS, PP, and PET, as well as ABS/PMMA formulated specifically by us. This choice means we can focus on investing all our energy and commitment to the decorative stage of the product.

We guarantee faithful reproductions that adapt perfectly to the surfaces to which they are applied. We not only work in creating edgebanding, we also actively promote a more circular, sustainable form of production that involves both our human resources and the environment.







In this age, where sustainability has become a global priority, at Decor Leader we have chosen to follow a more responsible model. A reduced carbon footprint, which comes from the use of recyclable materials or materials that can be disposed of safely.

A circular production cycle, aiming at the reduction of emissions and waste, using renewable energy. Corporate responsibility that is not limited to our environment and our community, but which also extends to our human resources, promoting a fair and inclusive working environment.


Decor Leader da oltre 30 anni è sinonimo di innovazione. La stampa digitale, fattore chiave della nostra produzione, ci ha permesso di sviluppare un know how unico e soprattutto efficiete. Le certificazioni che abbiamo raggiunto ne sono la prova.


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