The internationalization project aims to identify and acquire new target clients to enable the introduction and expansion of the company into foreign markets. The company wishes to expand its commercial presence by approaching foreign markets in order to increase sales, with the support of a Temporary Export Manager who can develop new opportunities through specific sales skills. The main objectives of the project are identified as follows:

  • Reconnaissance analysis useful for developing commercial activities towards foreign markets and identifying strategic markets for export development;
  • Preliminary assessment of any commercial needs of the newly identified markets;
  • Preliminary assessment, where possible, of the size and solidity of potential clients in the selected markets;
  • Research, identification, and approach to interested partners (distributors/direct clients) for commercial offers;
  • Assistance and support in export development activities by a T.E.M. (Temporary Export Manager).

During the project, approximately 260 companies were contacted in various countries chosen at the beginning of the project. The company’s idea that the most interesting route is the search for a specialized distributor of panels, laminates, and/or edges in the area has been confirmed. Some requests directly received from manufacturing companies have revealed the problem of minimum quantities not being reached and consequently being unattractive. The total cost of the investment was €15,000, with a requested contribution of €10,500.